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Save Thousands on Renovations, Extensions, and New Builds! Tip 1 of 3

14 August 2023
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Tip 1 of 3: Partnering with Builders Early

After years of experience in the industry, we've gained invaluable insights into the world of home renovation, extension, and new construction. Throughout our journey, we've discovered a multitude of strategies that can significantly impact the financial aspect of these projects. In this three-part series, we will share our top three expert tips to help you save thousands while achieving your dream custom renovation, extension, or new build. These tips have been tried, tested, and refined over time, ensuring that your home transformation remains not only a vision but also a smart financial investment.

In the realm of cost-effective home renovation, extension, or new custom home construction, one of the most impactful strategies is to involve a builder right from the outset. Builders possess unparalleled insights into cost dynamics, spanning labour and materials, enabling them to offer the latest and most precise figures. Additionally, builders can propose alternative construction methods or product choices that align with your budgetary goals. Architects and designers, while knowledgeable, often rely on ballpark estimates, which can lead to significant discrepancies and potential budget overruns.

Builders collaborating with architects or designers during the design phase can help control costs both structurally and aesthetically. Moreover, a builder's early involvement can reveal design challenges unrecognised by you or your architect or designer, minimising the risk of costly modifications later. This proactive approach translates to a smoother and stress-free construction journey.

While it's natural to first consult an architect or designer, also involving the builder at the onset is advantageous. This approach facilitates efficient idea brainstorming, requirement exploration, and budget alignment. Introducing the builder to the architect, or vice versa, shares the project's weight, enhancing collaboration.

Early engagement with a builder, working alongside the architect or designer, enables thorough design analysis. Builders can identify elements exceeding budget constraints and propose cost-effective alternatives. This joint effort yields a dream project delivered punctually and within financial boundaries.

One common pitfall that many homeowners encounter is the shock of receiving a quote from a builder, only to realise that the proposed design is way beyond their budget. This realisation can lead to a frustrating cycle of back-and-forth with architects, designers, or even the search for a new professional to realign the project with financial constraints. These costly design changes not only drain your resources but also delay the project's timeline. This is where our expert advice comes in – by involving a builder early in the process, you can sidestep these budgetary surprises and ensure that your vision seamlessly integrates with your financial reality from the very start.

Just recently, we encountered a client who had meticulously planned their project, even submitting the designs to the council for approval, all while believing the construction cost would be around 1 million dollars. However, shortly after our initial consultation, we quickly provided them with estimates indicating that their project's realistic cost would range between 1.4 to 1.5 million dollars. Interestingly, we weren't the only builders who had given them similar projections. Unfortunately, these figures exceeded their budget, compelling them to revisit the design phase. This setback occurred after a year of investing substantial time, money and effort. Had they engaged a builder earlier, they could have circumvented this situation, prevented unnecessary delays, and commenced their build.

On the flip side, we assisted another client who sought a renovation and extension to accommodate their expanding family. Through meaningful conversations, we delved into their vision and wish list for the project. Following this insightful discussion, we moved forward with a preliminary agreement. This allowed us to bring one of our skilled designers on board, who meticulously crafted plans and secured permits, streamlining the process for them. We then collaborated closely, making strategic design adjustments that not only aligned with their vision but also optimised their budget effectively.

The risks of unexpected budget overruns or incompatible designs can be mitigated by involving a builder early on. Builder's have insight into industry dynamics that impact material and labour costs, which can help to alleviate unanticipated budget discrepancies. A design & construct builder can guide the process, ensuring budget harmony and preventing costly plan redraws.

Though not mandatory, involving both builder and architect or designer from the start is strongly recommended. This fosters synergy between their distinct yet complementary knowledge and skills. Architects and designers excel in design generation, while builders possess practical insights regarding suppliers, materials, and subcontractors. Aligning their efforts ensures a customised home that fulfils your aspirations.

Initiating the builder-architect/designer collaboration in the project's early stages fosters collective problem-solving during construction, leading to innovative solutions. Builders, armed with practical skill and cost insights, join forces with architects and designers to seamlessly harmonise design with budget and quality. This cooperative synergy forms the bedrock of a smooth project that turns your vision into tangible reality.

Don't hesitate to take the first step. Request a consultation with us today. Whether collaborating with your existing architect or designer or guiding you towards a recommended professional and using one of our own, we're here to ensure your project aligns with your vision and budget seamlessly. Your dream home is closer than you think – reach out now to get started!

Stay tuned for the upcoming Tip 2, and discover how this strategy could potentially save you thousands on your renovation, extension, or new build journey!

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